Bamboo cover ”Ablis” double

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Bamboo cover ”Ablis” double


Art. nr.: 1787

Bamboo materials have a lot of adventages. It is anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, has a temperature control function, is breathable and extremely water absorbant and is eco friendly. Besides this the covers of Bamboo material are having a soft touch feeling.

The Ablis cover serie is easy to use to upgrade your airbed or selfinaflatble mat into a luxery bed like at home. Because of the elastic parts it fits matresses of different sizes and thickness. (10-22 cm)

The cover is connectable of adjustable to make tight around the inner matress.

The bottom is waterproof and has a silver coating for more heat isolation. The top layer is soft and comfortable. This Thermo version cover also has a extra isolation layer

Article number:   HC301002

EAN code:  8719322161468
VPE:  6 pcs
Color:   grey/black
Sizes:    200×145(155)x10(20) cm
Weight:   2000 gr

Including compression carry bag