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V?I suffer from back pains, what would be the best bed for me during camping?

Many campers don’t like the idea of sleeping in a tent or caravan because of the absence of their comfortable bed on which they sleep at home. Often this leads to a search for a comparable bed and this mostly means the choice for an extra thick air bed. However the practice shows that a thick air bed is way less stable and beside also not insulating. Practice have shown that a self-inflatable that is just 10 cm in thickness is highly able to approach the sleeping quality of the bed at home. Anyway there is no problem with isolation, rising cold of the ground and next to this the stability is way better in comparison with an extra thick air bed. If it is important to sleep at a certain level of height then it’s possible to make a combination out of a sleeping mat and for instance a stretch bed.

Often these sleeping mats are placed on top of a caravan bed to gain more comfort.

V?I’ve got a question or issue about a product that I have bought. What to do best?

The dealer of Human-Comfort where you have bought the product is your first contact point. If your problem isn’t solved feel free to contact:

V?Why there are no double sleeping mats in the Human-Comfort assortment?

A self-inflatable mat can be stored best with the valve open. Practise have shown that the storage of a double sleeping mat is quite difficult. Besides two single sleeping mats are way more flexible then one double sleeping mat. You can also use this when you just need one sleeping mat. Also wrapping up a double sleeping mat is quite difficult. Because of the link ability from the Human-Comfort sleeping mats you are able to create a very comfortable double bed with two separate sleeping mats.

V?I’ve already got a sleeping mat from another brand. Am I able to purchase only a mattress cover for this sleeping mat?

The mattress covers from Human-Comfort are available in different sizes and all are provided with two valve holes. There is a good chance that there is a mattress cover for the sleeping mat that you already have got. You are able to purchase a mattress cover that is about the same size of your sleeping mat. Because of the stretch within the fleece top layer a smaller but also bigger sleeping mat will fit just right. Practice have shown that 5cm smaller or bigger will fit right.

V?What is the best way to store a self-inflatable sleeping mat?

A sleeping mat consists of cloth and foam. Foam is the base of the sleeping mat. The sleeping mat is able to inflate itself because of the foam that sucks in air as soon as the valve is opened. If a sleeping mat will be stored wrapped up for a long time the power of the foam reduces and it will suck in air less fast. The foam that is used in all of the sleeping mats from Human Comfort is made of high quality and will suffer less from this effect. However it is always for the best to store the sleeping mat unrolled.

V?Why the change of price level between the sleeping mats?

The price of a sleeping mat has got a direct relation with the choice of material. A self-inflatable sleeping mat consists of several components that determine the price. In This article a description is made from the different materials and it gives insight in the production of a sleeping mat.

V?Why should I buy a sleeping mat instead of an air bed?

It is a misunderstanding that a sleeping mat would not provide a comfortable night rest. In the last view years self-inflatable sleeping mats are highly developed and they just aren’t the thin mats as these were introduced years ago. A sleeping mat has got several benefits in comparison with an air bed:
– A sleeping mat isolates because of the foam and provides more heath
– A sleeping mat is way more stable than an air bed and therefor it more approaches you comfy bed at home
Often a misunderstanding is that a thick air bed provides more sleeping comfort than a thinner sleeping mat. Nowadays there are sleeping mats of 10 cm thickness and potential with an extra top layer even 12 cm. These mats are capable of isolating the worst cold and keep your body at temperature. An air bed consists of a great volume air that directly is in touch with the cold ground and your body. Without isolation this means that you are cold and not able to warm up this air volume. The result will be a chilly night and a stiff back. With a sleeping mat you won’t have to suffer from this.

V?How to repair a small puncture in a sleeping mat?

It can occur that a puncture because of a sharp object arises. This can be solved easily with the special glue ‘’Seam Grip’’. Finding the leak and the perform of the repair will be explained step by step below.
1. Find the leak by rubbing the sleeping mat with a moisture cloth that contains a little bit of dish soap. You rub the cloth over the mat and you will find the leak at the place where small bubbles appear.
2. Mark this leak and dry the sleeping mat.
3. Add a small drop of Seam Grip at the place you’ve just marked according to the manual of Seam Grip. You don’t have to paste anything.

V?Is it possible to purchase Human-Comfort products online?

Human-Comfort products are available at specialized camping stores. Many of these stores have got a web shop. The stores with a red marker have got the entire collection available throughout the year and here it’s possible to purchase Human-Comfort products online.