About us

Verpakking HC 3dHuman Comfort is an innovative brand consisting of camping- and travel products. This brand has arisen in 2006 in collaboration with salesmen from different specialized camping stores.

The customers from these stores often come up with the best ideas. Indeed these are the campers who
enjoy their holidays and have got the time to think about how to pleasant their travel and stay.

These ideas are collected annually and then used by the team that develops and produces the products. Because of the short strings between the actual manufacturer and Human Comfort we’re always able to launch products on the market that increases the level of comfort for your camping
holiday. Off course it is always a challenge to make luxury, as we know it from home, as compact so that you can bring it on your holiday. Human Comfort has got a wide range of articles that are
designed to improve the level of comfort in case of sleeping at the camping or in case of travelling.
– Mattress covers around your sleeping mat or air bed to improve the level of comfort
– Sleeping mats in different sizes, also for tall campers
– Sleeping bags with a unique four seasons concept
– Compact pillows
– Extra strong air beds

It wouldn’t surprise you that we appreciate your suggestion (s).

In case of a suggestion or any ideas,
please send us an e-mail at: info@human-comfort.com